Architecture Classes take on Real-World Challenge

Students from Mr. Rochon's 'PLTW Civil Engineering & Architecture' and 'Architecture' classes showed off their final quarterly projects at an open house in the GHS atrium the night of March 23rd.

Some students were tasked with creating a dream home for a client (a staff member) based on what the 'client' wanted and where they preferred to live. The students had to research the costs, draw up a design and then once they came up with a plan, they were each thrown a major 'curveball' by their clients.... requiring them to make adjustments to their design!

Other students needed to come up with a plan for a public library design and had to remodel an existing building to meet the requirements of their assigned 'community.'

Visitors to the open house were able to talk to the students about their designs and how they came up with them. They were also given marbles to put into bowls at each table to vote for their favorites.

Both classes will hold another joint open house after this semester for their final end-of-the-year projects. To see  more photos from the event, click here.