GMS 7th Graders Work on Global Citizenry

Mark your calendars for the GMS Community Night on April 26th from 4-6pm!

The event will showcase projects that are currently being worked on by GMS 7th graders to allow them to become global, empathetic citizens. Each student was challenged to choose a school, community or global issue and come up with a way to help solve it.

The students have come up with numerous projects that range from the organization of fundraisers to volunteering, creating gift baskets for the police, implementing meditation rooms in schools, decreasing the use of paper towel used in the bathroom, raising awareness for certain causes ... the list goes on and on!

We invite you to join us at the Community Night to see all the wonderful things these middle-schoolers have done for our community and world.

To see more photos of the projects the students are working on, click here.

In addition, here are some links to additional stories about the projects the 7th graders are working on: