School Board Communication
Due to Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law, School Board members must avoid discussions with other Board members and citizens regarding District matters outside of properly posted meetings. Individual Board members have no authority over District policies, operations or decisions. Only the School Board, at a properly noticed meeting, can discuss and take official action on matters affecting the District.

The Board desires that District citizens receive high quality educational services and prompt attention to issues and concerns. In order to establish an efficient and effective organizational model, questions and concerns about individual students or school-related activities should be raised with the appropriate teacher(s). For questions about athletics or other extra-curricular activities, the coach or advisor is the appropriate person to contact. If for some reason an issue cannot be resolved with the teacher, coach or advisor, it is appropriate to then contact an assistant principal, athletic director or principal.

District Administrators should be contacted with questions and concerns related to district operations or if an issue could not be resolved at the school building level. Questions or concerns about the District’s administration or policies should be directed to the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent will address any questions or concerns with the School Board that require the Board’s determination. The School Board President can also be contacted with questions or concerns if matters could not be satisfactorily addressed by the Superintendent.

Citizens are welcome to attend Committee of the Whole and School Board meetings. These meetings are normally scheduled for the second and fourth Monday of each month. Citizens may speak during the public comment portion of the meeting. Board members cannot respond to citizen comments during a public comment period as only items identified on a properly posted agenda can be addressed at a meeting of the Board.
Member: Position: Phone #:

Julie DeGaro
8217 W. Waterford Ave.
Greenfield, WI  53220

Term Expires: 2019

 Kristie Potter
3653 S. 46th Place
Greenfield, WI  53220

Term Expires: 2019

 Vice-President  414-477-4257

Tom Frohna
4120 W. Upham Ave.
Greenfield, WI  53221

Term Expires: 2020 


Rick Moze
8901 W. Whitaker Ave.
Greenfield, WI 53228

Term Expires: 2021

Michelle Haugen
5115 W. Midland Drive
Greenfield, WI 53220

Term Expires: 2021
 Member  414-688-7823

Andy Misorski
4945 S. 82nd Street
Greenfield, WI 53220

Term Expires: 2021

Member  414-282-8527
 Pam Sierzchulski

7935 W Cold Spring Road
Greenfield, WI 53220

Term Expires: 2020

 Member  414-379-4687