Inclement Weather and School Closing Information


School Closing Decisions in Winter

First Priority:

Student and staff safety is our number one priority in deciding to close school, delay the start time or announce an early release.

Making the Call:

Whenever practical, we will make the decision about closing school the night before, however when the weather conditions change (or are predicted to change) overnight it may be necessary to cancel school in the morning. School district superintendents in the Milwaukee area hold a conference call in the very early morning hours (around 4:00 am) and come to consensus about what each district is planning and what is best for the students, staff and district families. Typically a decision of this nature is made by 4:30 AM and communication to families would begin by 5:30 AM.

Criteria Used:

The superintendents in the region use the NOAA’s (National Weather Service) WARNING level to determine any need to close schools for snow or cold.  Clearly, there can be exceptions, but rarely have we considered closing if the forecast does not hit the actual WARNING level.  For COLD weather, the WARNING level is a sustained -35 degree wind chill or lower. 

The School District of Greenfield DOES NOT necessarily close its schools when Milwaukee Public Schools are closed. 


Families will receive a phone call and email about any schedule adjustments, and our website homepage posts the same information.  If families DO NOT hear from us, school and activities operate as regularly scheduled.

Parent Decision:

If families find conditions unsafe to send their children to school, they may keep their children home.  Absences will be considered excused, BUT FAMILIES MUST CALL IN FOR THE ABSENCE TO BE EXCUSED.

Make-Up Days:

The district has enough additional minutes built into the calendar where make-up days would be required after two inclement weather days.  Make up days would be added on to the end of the school calendar in June.