In 2014 members of the School District of Greenfield’s learning community participated in a strategic planning process that resulted in the district’s Pathways to Success. The content of this Progressions document is based on the Pathways to Success.

§   These Progressions, or Sure Six, are founded on Dr. Tony Wagner’s “…essential conditions for adult learning in schools and communities:

  • Shared vision of the goals of learning, good teaching, and assessment;
  • Understanding of the urgent need for change;
  • Relationships based on mutual respect and trust; and
  • Engagement strategies that create commitment rather than mere compliance”

 (Wagner, 2001).


The six elements in the Progressions represent Greenfield’s specific and visible steps in the vital work of creating and sustaining a district that consists of learning communities proficient in the expectations needed to equip learners for success in the 21st Century. 

*Click HERE to view the Sure Six.

We believe all learning begins with meaningful relationships.  Our mission is to develop learners who can apply knowledge and think innovatively as a result of engaging in rigorous and relevant opportunities.