Educator Effectiveness & Professional Educator Compensation

I.  Overview of the Model

The School District of Greenfield Professional Educator Compensation Model ("Model") is designed to:

1. Attract teachers to Greenfield;
2. Retain teachers in Greenfield;
3. Be sustainable based on revenue projections;
4. Be fair, transparent and easily understood; and,
5. Reward professional growth aligned with Educator Effectiveness and the District’s culture & mission.

The Model is driven by the professional growth of the Professional Educator as set forth in annual Professional Practice Goals (PPG).  The development of PPGs and Student Learning Objectives (SLO) are key elements of the Educator Effectiveness System.  Our focus is on the "teacher practice" portion of Educator Effectiveness.  Therefore, the focus is entirely on the Professional Educator's PPGs (not the SLO).  Professional Educators are supported in setting PPGs aligned with Educator Effectiveness and the District’s culture & mission.  Accordingly, the goals will:

-be of value to the District;
-meet specific needs of the District;
-help individuals improve their performance to increase student achievement; and,
-not be the same for all professional educators.

How does the PPG allign with compensation?
Upon hire, all Professional Educators are placed into one of four classifications: Introductory (I), Professional (P), Advanced (A) and Senior (S).  There are five (5) steps within each classification. Each classification has a minimum salary amount. Professional Educators progress through their classification upon meeting their annual PPG ("meeting expectations").  As the Professional Educator progresses through their classification, after five (5) years, they will move to the next classification.  When a Professional Educator has progressed to the Senior classification, the professional educator will continue to see an increase upon meeting annual PPG, albeit likely not at the same rate as the professional educators in the other classifications.

For Professional Educators that seek to exceed expectations, a stipend will be made available.  This plan is known as the Plan ("Educators Exceeding Expectations").

II.  Professional Growth Process

As a part of the Educator Effectiveness requirements, all Professional Educators will complete a PPG and a SLO.

1.  When a teacher is in a Formative, or Supporting Year, their required PPG will form the basis for the progression on the salary scale.
2.  When a Professional Educator is in a Summative (Evaluation) Year, their evaluation and PPG will form the basis for progression on the salary scale.

All Professional Educators are designated as either in a Summative (Evaluation) Year or Formative (Supporting) Year.  Professional Educators who are in their 1st or 2nd year, or have a significantly different teaching assignment, may request an exemption.  Professional Educators seeking an Exemption will receive an annual evaluation.

Professional Educator Compensation Summary (updated Jan 2018)
E³ Plan (updated Jan 2018)
Exemption Form

*E³ Plan is not applicable to those seeking the Exemption. 

III. Timelines
End of Year Process (Updated 8-2018)

     Key Educator Effectiveness Dates, 2018-19       

Mid-Year Review Process
             -Mid-Year Review Explanation
Visual Flowchart of Goal-Setting-Events/Processes

IV. Samples and Resources 

2018-19  Educator Effectiveness Process Forms (Use Microsoft or Google Version)

Pupil Services Documents 

Professional educators should initially seek support from colleagues. Principals and other administrators are also available to assist professional educators obtain the information needed.