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Educators across the School District of Greenfield utilize elements from the Understanding by Design (Wiggins and McTighe, 2012) framework to plan, assess, implement and upgrade instructional units. We begin with the desired standards or goals expected in each grade level and content area. We integrate 21st Century Skills, which we call our "G21" - to prepare students for college, career and life readiness. We then select, adapt or design high quality assessments, using a variety of approaches (including, but not limited to performance tasks, authentic assessments, constructed response, essays, extended responses and traditional selected response). All assessments are aligned to the cognitive demand of the learning targets, which range from knowledge and understanding to products and performances (*see Target-Method-Match Matrix). Finally, we design meaningful instructional experiences that are interactive, engaging and emphasize social interaction in order to have students actively participate in purposefully designed activities. These lessons equip students for success while highlighting areas that need additional focus or extension. Educators adapt lessons to meet the learning needs of each student in order to optimize student growth and propel achievement to the highest levels. All educators engage in continuous professional learning (from individual areas of focus to components emphasized across each school, as well as across the entire district). Continuous professional learning and growth is expected for all educators, in all disciplines, throughout all grade levels and across all roles. Our motto in Greenfield is: Learning, Growing, and Succeeding--this applies to all members of the learning community! 



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Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction (CAI) Contacts
Director of Elementary Education (K4-5)
Charity Meyer

Director of Secondary Education (6-12)
Patrice Ball


CAI Assistant & Assessment Coordinator
Jenny Czubkowski

Student Enrollment and Data Specialist
Mary Coubal
(414) 855-2032

The SURE Six
Greenfield's district-wide learning principles; provides the roadmap we use to equip students for success in college, career and life

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Professional Learning for the 2018-19 School Year
Full-day Opportunities = 8/21 (Site-based), 8/22 (District-wide), 8/23 (Site-based), 8/28 (District-wide), 8/29 (District-wide) & 8/30 (Site-based); 10/25 (Site-based); 11/21 (Site-based; Focus on Educator Effectiveness); 2/18 (Site-based); 5/24 (District-wide @ Alverno College; Focus = Innovation; Keynote Speaker = George Couros) *District-wide = Focus on Areas Common to All Schools; Site-based = Focus on School-specific areas as articulated in each school's site-based Growth Plan


 The School District of Greenfield utilizes a range of standards and frameworks to guide and support curriculum, assessment and instruction in all grade levels and classrooms across the district. 

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