S.T.E.P. for Seniors
  • Senior Tax Exchange Program
    The School District of Greenfield is excited about the opportunity to involve senior citizens in the process of education and provide them the opportunity to share their many gifts and talents with our students. The Senior Tax Exchange Program provides an opportunity for social security eligible citizens to work in the schools in exchange for a property tax credit.



    Who Qualifies?

    Senior citizen 62 years of age or older that own a home and reside within the boundaries of the School District of Greenfield are eligible.


    How is a Worker Compensated?

    The compensation, which is $6.50 per hour (maximum of $500) is distributed annually in the form of a two party check made out to the worker and the appropriate county treasurer.

    Examples of Jobs

    ·         Reading to a child

    ·         Listening to a child read

    ·         Playing a math game with a child

    ·         Assisting with computers

    ·         Helping in the library

    ·         Helping with art

    ·         Clerical work

    ·         Preparing bulletin boards

    ·         Interpreting



    Provide seniors with:

    ·         Tax relief

    ·         Firsthand look at schools

    ·         Intergenerational experience

    ·         Opportunity to share their talents


    Provide students with:

    ·         Opportunity to establish a relationship with a  positive role model

    ·         Appreciation for the valuable contribution that senior citizens make to the community

    Provide staff with:

    ·         Support from retired members of the community

    ·         Opportunity to demonstrate the many positive things happening in our schools


    Provide community with:

    ·         Additional resources to help children be responsible citizens

    If interested, please print out the following forms and return them to the School District of Greenfield Administration offices, located at 4850 S. 60th Street, Greenfield, WI 53220. Office hours are Monday-Friday 7:30AM - 4PM.

    Step Application
    Step Volunteer Agreement