Contact Information
Diane DeBoer, Facilities Coordinator
4850 South 60th Street
Greenfield, WI 53220
Phone: (414) 855-2022
Fax: (414) 855-2051

Trent Lower, Athletic Director
4800 South 60th Street
Greenfield, WI 53220
Phone: 414-855-2405
Fax: 414-281-8860

Facility Request Information

Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the event for processing.
As a cornerstone of the community, the School District of Greenfield welcomes and encourages the use of its facilities during non-school hours. Effective utilization of its buildings as a community resource is cost effective and of great benefit to Greenfield residents, businesses and organizations.

The School District of Greenfield Business Office schedules all community use of its facilities in cooperation with building leaders. We welcome and encourage the use of our facilities in partnership with the members of our community.

Facilities Request:
For information about becoming a facilities requester, contact the Facilities Management Office at 414-855-2022 or email the Facilities Coordinator, Diane DeBoer, at

Facility Usage Policies and Fee Rates
Facility Usage Policies and Fee Rates:

For detailed facility usage information for Staff/District Sponsored Activities (Level 1) and Community/Non-District Sponsored Activities (Levels 2 & 3) please see Policy and Administrative Guidelines below.

To access Policy 7510-Use of School Facilities and Property:
1) NEOLA link
2) Click on Policies tab
3) Click 7000 Property
4) Scroll to Policy 7510
5) Click on policy to open

To access Administrative Guidelines 7510-Use of School Facilities & Property-Application Instructions and 7510.01-Use of School Facilities & Property-Fees:
1NEOLA link
2) Click on Policies tab
3) Click on Book: Policy Manual and change the Book to Administrative Guidelines
4) Click on 7000 Property
5) Scroll to Administrative Guideline (AG) 7510 and/or 7510.01